Bamboo Construction Knowledge


There will be intensive lectures on the material of bamboo, learning their characteristics as both a plant and a construction material. You will learn the difference between a Paquimorfus and a Leptomorfus and learn why you should not use green bamboo and why bigger, is not always better. You will be lectured on a series of bamboo joints as part of a comprehensive introduction to building with bamboo. From fish mouth joints to ear-joints, these will be incorporated into your design work and then you will learn how to produce such joints in real-life utilising our array of tools and the many species of bamboo that are available to us, including Makinoi and Guadua Angustifolia.



We will wake up at 3am to go and cut bamboo as it sleeps. In the dead of night in the Haitian mountains we will use saws and machetes to cut bamboo to see why it is important to do this before the Sun rises. Depending on the time of the month, participants will be able to clearly see the effect of the full Moon on the bamboo.



We will learn about the reasons why it is important to treat the bamboo. Will we explain the differing processes and use a boucherie to treat bamboo with environmentally friendly processes such as borax/boric acid and learn about how this solution can still be used following the treatment of bamboo.



You will be using heavy construction tools which are required for working with bamboo. Including: drill bits for fish mouth joints; the mitre saw; and machetes.