Doria Reyes Cordova (Chief Carpenter)



Doria Reyes Córdova is currently an independent bamboo architect in Mexico and Senior Carpenter at the AA Haiti Bamboo Lab Haiti. She graduated from Cuauhtemoc University in Puebla, Mexico. Her speciality is bamboo construction and she is certificated in subjects such as designing pluvial collection systems by The International Institute of Renewable Resources and Bioarchitecture at the Benemeritan University Autonomy of Puebla. Her professional work has been with communities teaching how to build with bamboo and generate alternative economies based in the potential of the bamboo. She is interested in the creation of balanced communities based in permaculture systems and an alternative economy. She is also interested in the fusion of environment, society and economy to generate knowledge, jobs and development. She has worked with universities giving training in bamboo construction such as BUAP University and the Institute of Visual Art, Puebla. She is co-founder of the Cooperative Bamboo Green Gold from Mexico.