Kay Flote Ansanm



Group 2 – Kay Flote Ansanm

Yussef Agbo-Ola, Anthoula Tsagkataki, Jean Widny Lordeus

This project looked at building the ‘core’ on pilotis giving the occupants security on a ‘unit scale’ by moving the family above the ground and security on a neighbourhood scale by using the view created by this raising to observe the street. As more of these core houses are placed adjacent to each other a raised circulation between units can be formed by combining the ‘galri’ spaces provided by each unit. The initial ‘core house’, in being raised above the street, provides the space underneath for the home to grow or for a unit to be built so it can then be rented by the occupier. The column organisation on the ground level is designed to provide as much column free utilisable space as possible in order to allow for a range of programmes if the family did not want to extend the residential programme downwards. During the community consultation, a local homeowner suggested that the area could benefit from an internet café and space for local students to learn about computers. Plastic bottles are proposed as a way to incorporate the issue of non-organic waste disposal into the project.