Kay Idantite



Group 4 – Kay Idantite

Astrid Cam Aguinaga, Jupille Facile, and Parnel Presna

In this project an observation was made that by rotating the pitched roof 45 degrees, more occupy-able space could be generated on the upper floor. Therefore, the parabolic roof came to be a functional but distinctive feature. This roof is also very easy to build by being constructed with straight elements, the double curve effect is generated which allows hot air to escape at the high points and rain water to be collected at the low points. The project also looks to tackle any material wastage with the bamboo onsite. Small offcuts are used to create a planted façade for greenery to proliferate giving the family or occupants a vertical ‘jadin’. The upstairs has a ‘galri’ space and the project has options of both internal or external vertical circulation to allow for one or two occupants in the finished house.