Vwaznaj se Fanmniy



Group 5 – Vwaznaj se Fanmniy

Hsu Myat Aung, Schnight-dy Azilien, and Junior Emmanuel

This project was simultaneously developed on the building and urban scales. The L shaped plan is designed to provide sheltered space in the shadow of the building allowing courtyards, or ‘Lakous’ to form when two or more of these houses are built adjacent to one another. The ‘core’ comprises the lower floor of 25sqm along with the entire structure and roof which is designed to capture rain water. The upper story is exposed to the sun when only the lower floor is built and therefore hanging gardens are proposed to lower the solar exposure to the upper level, both protecting the bamboo and providing a comfortable terrace for the family. As the family or occupant gets richer the upper floor can be occupied by simply filling the structure with walls. The house is also designed to promote the functionality of the ‘Lakou’ by offering a portion of commercial space at the lower level which can create an income for the occupant and foster activity within the courtyard.