Embedded in all the curricula we have taught, is an emphasis on a range of software with architectural applications which can allow participants to test and articulate their ideas and projects to a greater level. We find that most students in Haiti studying in university have easy access to computers and with a huge range of software available, many of which open source, there is no excuse why students are unable to test their work in the context of Haiti’s hurricane, solar, and seismic setting. Our course uses all the following pieces of software teaching them through various methods which allows students to find easy application in their own work. We make it very clear that the ability of computer programmes to test structure, or wind load, is no substitute for the relevant industry professional in that field. However, given the situation in Haiti where many regulations are unenforced it can only help to give designers more tools through the design stages of their work and raise the awareness of these issues and the ways to mitigate the dangers of building in such a seismic and hurricane prone area.