Unique, dynamic, independent and international, the Architectural Association (AA) was originally set up in 1847 as a public forum and learned society. However the AA is much more than the UK’s oldest school of architecture. What makes the teaching and learning of architecture unique at the AA is found in the demand it places on teachers as well as their students, to clearly communicate the larger cultural agendas relating to where they think architecture is heading.

The AA Visiting School is an extension to and embodiment of the AA School’s ‘unit system’ of teaching and learning architecture. The hallmark of this model is the delivery of distinctive, highly focused design agendas delivered to a small collaborative group of students, architects and other creative people in the development of projects. The AA VS is similarly about learning, exploring, collaborating and experimenting in order to reimagine the shape, form and expectations of architectural education.

The AA Bamboo Lab is a global, mission-driven, autotelic research programme of the AA Visiting School which explores the fusion of highly advanced computational design software and sustainable natural lightweight materials, to spawn new architectural opportunities. This design and construction laboratory looks at the application of these new syntheses beyond architecture, to ecological restoration, social development, material infrastructure and the latent creativity these global challenges provide.